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  • Wandering Cooks 57 Fish Lane South Brisbane, QLD, 4101 Australia (map)
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We really enjoyed the conversations between the speakers and audience at New Build Forum Vol.02! The discussion focused on relationships and the impact that we have on the places that we live and work, check out some snippets below:

"There is about 30% wastage on projects, on average, in Australia, which is just a massive amount of money being wasted that could be used on better projects, or better things. So that’s why I think what we do is important and what we do is, we try and build a construction time machine. Just like Back to the Future..." - Pieter Rautenbach

"So, one of the real benefits for this approach to architectural practice, is not just the built outcomes but the relationships that are built with the clients over the length of the project, which sometimes can go a year, two, three, four years." - Chris Schofield

"So for me it’s all about building relationships with people, what goes around comes around." - Peta Charles

"...the reason why I’ve become so interested in biodiversity in cities and urban landscapes is because it’s something that is really, completely unappreciated. And I think it actually, in terms of other species, we’re actually not touching the earth very lightly in our built environment, we’re obliterating their entire habitats" - Jessica Holz

"I think the idea of touching the earth lightly is kind of a fallacy... I think to perpetuate the idea of separating [nature and the built environment] is really doing a lot of harm to the environment and really starting to ignore the impact that you’ll have." - Amelia Hine

"...people think they need to build these big extravagant homes that they don’t need and they don’t take the aspect into account, they don’t take the environment around them into account, you know, it’s actually a bad result for everyone." - Jack Dixon

"So, yeah, I hope it’s been somewhat informative and interesting for your night, but if I can leave you with any words of wisdom it is to give a shit... if possible give two shits about what you’re doing because it makes a big difference." - Tom Vyner

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