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  • Wandering Cooks 57 Fish Lane South Brisbane, QLD, 4101 Australia (map)

Our first New Build Forum had a huge turnout! We ate delicious food, heard some fantastic speakers and had some awesome cross-disciplinary conversations. The discussion focused on starting out on your own, being the youngest person in the room and owning the perspective that we have to offer as emerging professionals. Check out some snippets below:

"I mean, when you start a business you want it to be something that makes a life and I think that by working on a small scale and different disciplines you get to work with different people that you wouldn’t before and use it as a platform to, you know, you work to live rather than live to work." - Sam Charles-Ginn

"We definitely had a lot of failures. That’s just part of life I think. For us a big learning curve was delivering something that we were extremely proud of and a client loved living in, like, just frothed on it you know." - Matt Mosey

" really have to believe in yourself and I think just have confidence that you have something different to bring to the table, it’s a different perspective and whilst it’s different it doesn’t mean it’s any less." - Natasha Chee

"The question as I see it is that yeah, everyone has dreams and stuff and ideas and tries to make them real. I think just do it small and do it cheap first, you know?" - Beh Wattenberg 

"I think we just need to take things into our own hands at the moment and just start doing them. And that’s what I’m going to try to start doing. So my company is still in its infancy and I’m still working out how I’m going to do things but I’ve worked out if I want to see change then I’m just going to have to go out and start planting." - Ellia Guy

Question from a Planner in the audience: "So what would you tell us to help you deliver the outcome that you’re after?" Answer from Claudia Bergs:  "Maybe the question is also how can we help each other." 

Wandering Cooks provided an awesome venue. Check out some shots below from the night:

IMG_2932 copy.jpg
Later Event: August 24